Darryl Brown

You & Yours Financial
Areas of Specialty: Financial Planning, Investing

I'm Darryl, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder and independent financial advisor.

I grew up in Guelph, studied Business at McMaster University and currently live downtown Toronto. I am a financial literacy advocate and curious forward thinker. 

My natural analytical skills led me down the CFA path after business school which I quickly put to good use working in increasingly senior roles at large financial institutions over the past decade. I made investment recommendations on portfolios in the tens of billions of dollars across products like mutual funds, annuities and pensions, specializing in energy and infrastructure.

Throughout my career I was moonlighting as a 'kitchen table advisor' helping friends and family make sense of their investments and financial products.  I helped them understand investing in simple and easy ways, providing advice they could trust. Advice that didn’t come with hidden fees or ulterior motives. Unbiased financial advice was (and still is!) scarce and hard to come by.

I've always advocated for financial literacy and have been passionate about teaching since my TA days in University. As I worked one-on-one with individuals and families and saw the direct benefits of their empowerment and financial literacy, it became increasingly clear to me that there is a massive gap in the financial industry. 

The trust, understanding and awareness of financial products and options that actually give people peace of mind and certainty with their money can only come from an independent and truly unbiased advisor.  

This work was fulfilling me in ways my career simply did not. The opportunity to take my career expertise and marry it with my passions and values made it clear, it was time to take my moonlighting full-time. I surfaced from a decade of days in the PATH, persuaded my wife to flip our lives upside down and You&Yours Financial was born.

I love to nerd out about all things finance and can be found somewhere in the Twitterverse: @darrylcabrown