Karen Richardson

FPSC Level 1®, Certified Money Coach
Areas of Specialty: Pre-Retirement Planning, Planning for Young Families and Self-Employed Cash Flow and Retirement Planning

Karen has worked in the advice-only financial industry for over 7 years. “People have multiple goals,” says Karen. “They want a great retirement, but before they get there, they may also want to raise a family, start a business, buy a home, or travel.” Karen is always energized by her hearing her clients’ goals.

She has built her practice in Kenora, Ontario and works in her small-town face-to-face with clients as well as works with clients across Canada virtually and by phone. Karen’s many clients enjoy her commitment to their financial journey and she remains part of their money-life working as their quarter-back and holding their unbiased money picture whenever they hit a bump in the road or something changes for them.

Karen believes that financial goals can also be achieved in multiple ways.  And like a road trip, that may encounter detours, traffic, and car troubles, life may present setbacks or opportunities that require adjustments to your plans. Staying engaged with your money, and being able to see the big picture, makes those adjustments possible.

It’s her positive attitude that draws people to working with Karen, but it’s her warmth and commitment to their success, that keeps her clients coming back. She has worked with many small business owners for several years.

Karen shares her life with her three teenagers and husband on the Winnipeg River where she is active in her community sharing her knowledge and volunteering as much as possible.