Chris Enns

FPSC Level 1
Founder of Rags to Reasonable

Areas of Specialty: Variable Income, Self-Employed Cashflow, Money Coaching, Debt Repayment, Virtual Planning, Artists & Creatives

I’m Chris, and I split my life between my financial planning practice and the opera stage.

From my childhood on the farm to ten years spent working with artists, I’ve lived my whole life around people who have ‘non-traditional’ financial lives. People who don’t feel like anyone at a normal bank understands them at all. The trouble is… we all still have to deal with money. And when you add the complications of variable income, multiple jobs, business expenses, and a complete lack of financial training… the results can be super stressful.

I work with creatives, digital nomads and other ‘money misfits’ to help them build financial stability (no matter how much money they make).

My mission is to based on the belief that one-on-one financial support should be available to everyone who needs it. That’s why 10% of every dollar I make goes to providing free monthly Office Hours and Pay-What-You-Can Financial Planning for low income earners.