Owen Winkelmolen

FPSC Level 1
Fee-for-service Financial Planner and Founder, PlanEasy.ca
Areas of Specialty: Budgeting, cashflow planning, tax & benefit optimization, financial independence & retirement planning.

Owen is an advice-only financial planner that works with individuals, couples, and families to reach their financial goals, whether that be paying off debt, planning for children, planning for retirement, or just feeling secure with their finances.

He founded PlanEasy.ca to help make independent fee-for-service financial planning easy, accessible, and inexpensive. PlanEasy provides clients with unbiased financial advice through phone, video, and innovative online platform.

An expert in taxes and benefits, Owen helps ordinary households navigate the complex tax and government benefit programs that exist in Canada.

He helps clients pay off debt, improve cash flow, plan for children, and ultimately reach financial independence and retirement, all while ensuring they’re saving and investing in the most efficient way possible.

Owen is a husband and father to two young girls. He lives with his family in London, Ontario. He is an avid biker, commuting 20km each day along the Thames river, year-round. Owen is also active in the financial community in London. He volunteers with the CRA Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP), where he helps low-income households prepare their tax returns. He is also a volunteer and speaker with the Family Services Thames Valley Financial Empowerment Network and Goodwill Circles Program in London.

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