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Russell J. Sawatsky

CIM, Certificate in Advanced Investment Advice, FPSC Level 1®
Owner, Financial Planner, Money Architect Financial Planning
Areas of Specialty: Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning

I joined the Fee-For-Service financial planning industry after constant scouring of the internet for ethically responsible approaches to financial services. As a former mission worker and pastor, ethics really matter to me!

For the past 14 years, I worked as a licensed representative at a self-directed brokerage company in London, Ontario. I founded Money Architect Financial Planning in response to an unaddressed need I identified among my Do-It-Yourself investor clients: they could all benefit from foundational financial guidance. I now focus my practice on making financial planning accessible to the average household, especially those who think that they cannot afford it.

I am married with four adult children, and I am a grateful supporter of the Kidney Foundation of Canada, as well as an advocate for organ donation. In 2016, after living with kidney disease for most of my adult life and several years on dialysis, I received a transplant from a living donor. With this gift, I can look forward to a future of contentment; my goal is to help my clients feel the same about their own futures.