David Field

Certified Financial Planner®, Papyrus Planning
Areas of Specialty: Retirement Income Planning, Cash Flow Planning, Estate Planning

What will your retirement be like?

When you retire your journey will be unique to you.

When it comes to financing your goals in this next stage of life, you will need a plan that explores all options with solutions that are not bound by the products available for sale.

As a fee-only Certified Financial Planner, David earns a living from the planning work he does and has no financial products to sell. In a complicated world, his fees and advice are clear and transparent.

David specializes in retirement income planning for individuals and couples who are close to making that income transition from working full-time to partial or full retirement. If you are thinking of retiring in the next five years or are already retired, he can help you.

When you retire, your income switches from one salary to many salaries from Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, RRSPs, workplace pensions and other savings you have. Managing that many incomes to last throughout retirement is complex especially since no one knows how long they will live.

From the very start of his career as a financial advisor, David found that financial planning was his passion. “There is something very addictive about helping people identify their goals, achieve their dreams and simplify their retirement so they can focus on enjoying it,” explains David.

David founded Papyrus Planning in 2017 to focus specifically as an advice-only Certified Financial Planner for those transitioning into retirement. He lives in Mississauga, Ontario with his wife and two young daughters and is able to work with Canadians from across the country.

David is also the creator of the CPP Quiz, a free personalized questionnaire to help retirees navigate the complicated options of the Canada Pension Plan and to choose the CPP benefit start date that makes the biggest impact on their entire retirement.

Book a complimentary 20 minute introduction phone call where David will explore whether your retirement might benefit from his services. He can also be reached at 1-844-606-PLAN (7526).